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Quality Art Fair

The Talbot Street Art Fair is recognized as one of the top art shows in the United States and is the oldest juried Art Fair in Central Indiana.


The fair is located in the picturesque, historic Herron-Morton neighborhood on the near northside of Indianapolis between 16th & 20th on Talbot St. Over 60,000 visitors come from near and as far, as 100 miles away, to view the artwork of 260 artists from across the country.  We are a nonprofit organization working hard to promote exceptional art at the event and art scholarships to local schools and organizations. This is a family friendly event with a wide range of artist styles and mediums for all to enjoy. We are proud that it remains free to the public. 


The current area of the art fair begins at 16th & Talbott, where the property at 16th and Pennsylvania (one street to west) and covering the block to Talbott was purchased after John Herron left $200,000 to the Art Association of Indianapolis which was founded with the help of Mae Wright Sewell, a suffragette, and a force to be reckoned with in the city of Indianapolis. If that name rings a bell with some of you, yes, she is the founder of Kappa Kappa Kappa philanthropic sorority in the state of Indiana that is still going strong today. On Mother's Day weekend, 1956, the fair was born with 15 exhibiting artist/craftsmen and an estimated 1500 visitors.

Herron Morton Place Historic Neighborhood

Herron Morton Place Historic Neighborhood is the host for Talbot Street Art Fair.

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